Right now the issue of calling is something that I’m struggling to understand. I know that God has called me to ministry, which in my mind means full time ministry. So as a result I started my adventure down the road of seminary. However other factors in life such as my wife’s calling, her happiness at work, and other issues are making me reconsider if God has truly called me to vocational ministry as a pastor or if He is calling me to work in a normal job and to do ministry as a lay person. I have no idea and wish there was the proverbial fax line from God or the red phone that Goes to God and He will give you the answer immediately.

I know that God give a call to each of us to do certain things in our lives. Yet it is the clarification of that call that is confusing me and making me wonder. Is the questioning of my calling of God and meant to help me clarify it or is it the work of the devil trying to keep me from doing God’s work in this world and trying to hinder the kingdom.

Prayer: God show me your call on my life, help to clarify this fog and hazy, allow me to step out in faith in the direction that you are calling me. Father your will be faithful to provide and direct. Help me in my struggle to follow to understand and to move. Give me direction for myself, my wife, my future and the work you wish to do through us.

——-Your son, your servant, and your tool…….. tfkr


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