Commitment, Accountability, and life……..

Yeah I know that this may sound like me if you have known me for long. It’s one of the main things that I desire to be involved in most, yet find my most frustration in. So, do stick with me and try to follow my train of thoughts.

In the last month or so a group I was meeting with stopped meeting together due to schedules, and were hoping that things would work out and we coudl start meeting again. In loking to get the ball rolling again I have hit a speed bump so to say.

In the weeks of not meeting and seeing no one talking about starting up I was asking myself if this group is where God wants me still or does He want me to find a new group. Wish I could say I know for sure, haven’t gotten my final message and response from the Master Planner but I think i know where he’s leading……

Since high school when I first started doing accountability with friends and groups of guys I have noticed a trend. And well its a trend in the church as a whole. We say we will do something, ask someone how their doing, pray for each other……. yet in the end we may do it for some time or we don’t do it at all…… We fade in our attempts at trying or we just plan get apathetic.

So how do we resolve it? I wish to say it was simple, but its not. Here are three steps or points I believe make a difference.

1) I believe it first requires one to find a group of fellow travelers on this journey who desire accountability and the commitment to do it and stick with it.
2) Second I believe it requires a heart to care for others, their burdens, needs, and struggles, and I believe that it must be a heart that is in line with God’s desire to see the broken fixed, the sick healed, and the lost brought home……..
3) Thirdly, it requires follow through…… Just as one can’t hit a baseball out of the ball park without swing all the way through, one can’t make accountability and caring for another person succed if there isn’t follow through. Those calls, emails, letters, prayers and support that are promised. And in following through it just can’t be a 1 time or handful of times, it must be a consistent and continued matter till the request is finished or the relationship is ended and one has moved on. If the person ask you to do it for 5 times or 6 weeks, there is a deadline or end in sight when one needs to ask the person if their help and support is still needed, but if a person doesn’t give a end point one should assume its for life till the asker ends the request for assistance. In taht case one can’t just stop when they feel like it, they must communicate to the person needing the support and do as requested or inform the person they can’t do it any longer.

So in short Accountability is dependent on 3 main points 1) DESIRE 2) HEART 3) FOLLOW THROUGH………. Aim for these and keep going and things should get better and look brighter among those you keep accountability with……..


One response to “Commitment, Accountability, and life……..

  • Remo

    I feel your stuggle, brother. You know how I have trouble faithfully communicating with you, and the same is true in many areas of my life. But you need to know how GREAT of an Encouragement you have been to me. My freshman year, I marveled many times at how you treated me–you called and left messages, and when I didn’t call back for weeks, you kept calling. I’m so glad you didn’t give up. And you haven’t given up, to this day. Be encouraged, brother, and know that the Lord is working through you, even as He works in you.

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