Lessons on the Green

Golf has been a real eye opener to who I am as a child of God. I find it funny as I only play becuase I want a way to relax and enjoy time with friends. However, I often find myself deep in theology and review of my life….. I guess I am making my own golf course theology and understanding of life.

Being a newbie to the sport of golf I find that I well, stink……. I swing and miss, I take 10-15 hits of the ball to make it to the green and if I am lucky into the hole. Just like my own life I often don’t make the right choices or decisions at a given time and keep failing and have to keep taking a swing at things. Just as I saw my friends that I was playing with giving me grace I understand more deeply how God gives me grace and is patient with my shortcomins and failures.

I also realized that in order to become better at my game of golf it is going to take practice on top of practice. And well in order for me to grow and learn in my walk with God I am going to need to immerse myself fully in the Word and abiding with God and being in communion with him more and more. Just as with golf you can see the quality of your devotion and practice played out in your game on the course, so too you can see your devotion to God and His Word by the way that you live your life.

I know that I felt feelings of frustration at myself on the course yesterday in the way I was playing and all. Yet I think in our spiritual lives we often get numbe to our failures and just don’t feel bad about them anymore as time wears on. As we live in a habit or continual sin we are more likely to just brush it off and not feel guilty. But we need to get on ourselves when it is something that we can truly control.

No matter what it is, my golf game on the course, or my walk with God I need grace, understanding, and commitment to make change. Just as my friends were helping me along with my game, we too need to rely on friends to help us with our walk with God. We need those pointers and support along the way. We also need to make a commitment to the game, and especially a commitment to our life as a child of God. The commitment to follow God. It might be painful along the way, but in the end it will be well worth it……….

Grace….. Commitment……..

Golf is to me a way to see similarities to my spiritual life in action……..


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