Broken (Fragile: Handle With Care)

I know that God is the potter and I’m the clay. He’s repairing me after I have had to come to terms with who I am and what I have allowed the devil to do in me…. This pot that God’s been working on for 24years is smashed into tiny tiny pieces. Smaller than the eye can see. I know that the Potter is faithful. Its going to be a hard and long process. The Potter has His helpers in the Church and I know that….. Its just hard when you feel like your walking around with a big sign on you that is red and Says: Fragile Handle with Care. But thats how i feel I almost don’t want to get close to my fellow Christians, but I know I need their support……. Its going to take time.

I’m reminded of the Max Lucado kids book. Your Are Special. I know that the Master has plans for me, to repair me, and to make me better than I ever was. Its just hard to see when you can’t even see yourself for what you are…………

God, grant me the peace, and ability to love myself when I can’t. To know that you love me, that you forgive me, and that your Grace is larger than anything I Can comprehend……………….. Fix me and those around me that I have shattered on my way from the Workbench where you had me to the floor of brokeness, tears, and pain below……



One response to “Broken (Fragile: Handle With Care)

  • Remo

    We are so fragile, the whole of life is. We obviously would not survive without the Faithful Creator and Sustainer carefully picking up the pieces every time we break. Good to know that He doesn’t use superglue–He just remakes us all together.

    Sometimes I wonder if He melts us down and starts over again, or if we really are never baked in the kiln (to become the “finished product”) until Christ comes again. If that is the case, than we never really break, we just get bent out of shape and the Potter may have to take us back in a lump and reshape us from scratch.

    I guess both of those are true to some extent. He is always reshaping us, taking out the imperfections, but sometimes we also find ourselves disastrously shattered and in need of some complete remaking. The important thing to remember is that The Maker, The Remaker, He is faithful to carry His work to completion. You shall be a Finished Masterpiece.

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