The Stronghold

I think we often overlook the issue of spiritual warefare in our lives. Some of this is due to the lack of training and understanding and awareness that many in the church have. And also its due to a fear of the unknown. I believe honestly that we are constantly surrounded by the spiritual battles, and that these spiritual battles do greatly affect us and are what cause us to be vulnerable to sin and its affects on our lives.

I believe that sin is something that we do that is against the will of God. There can be wanton straight forward disobedience and defiance of God. There can be sin that is addiction/habitual and we are drawn into the sin very easily due to the place that it has played in our lives. Sort of like a body part, its there. If I thought hard enough about it I could come up with a few more catergories of sin as well, but these are the ones that I have been challenged by. Sin in my life i have found can sometimes be the straightfoward defiance and disobience. At other times I can see that it is an addiction/habitual offense that I have allowed into my life and it is a stronghold that satan has on my life.

Battling these strongholds can seem impossible and a fearful task. If we try to battle them alone of our own strength and might I believe it is completely impossible. On the other hand if we have the desire in our hearts to see God grasp this area and remove it from our lives I believe amazing things can happen. We need to find our primary faith, trust, and confidence in the powerful work and strenght of the death and ressurrection of Jesus Christ. We must believe whole heartedly in His ability to make change in our lives. We also, I believe, need the support, love and encouragement of fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Paul writes that if we as brothers in Christ see another brother stumbling those who are “spiritual” should restore that person gently. I do not believe one bit that this term spiritual means perfect or sinless, but instead those who are following the path of Jesus Christ. I believe the path and way out that is talked of in I Cor 10:13 is the support and strenght of Jesus Christ along with the fellowship and support of brothers/sisters in Christ.

This way out is not necessary a door in the wall with a sign saying “emergency godly exit” but inestead can be the support and willingness of those around us to help us. It may be a pastor, a friend, a counselor. It may be choosing to help someone you may not like much at all, but it is a way out. It doesn’t mean that God will simply stop the temptation or make it physically impossible to do it. Instead I think that we need to be open to the Spirits whisper and what God has provided for us.

Just a thought…. Not sure exactly but well this is just where I’m at right now.



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