Searching for……….

Recently I have been reading in my “spare” time a book by Donald Miller entitled Searching for God Knows What. This book has become more and more relevant in my life with each passing day.

I have realized before that the areas that we struggle with (sin) are the areas that somewhere inside of us we have a need and we are screaming out for help and for that need to be filled. We don’t always realize that this need, this hole, this ache in our beings is meant to be filled by God alone. I’m not done with Miller’s book but I believe he keeps heading towards this truth (and if not I’m going to write a book of my own then). But the struggles we find ourselves in are our weak and sad attempts at filling these longings and emptiness in our lives. Its not that we are pathetic people but that we are sinners living in a world of brokenness. We were created to live in perfect relationship with God, but once the fall happened everything changed. Satan was able to affect our lives and tempt us to stray from God. As a result we live in a world of sin and brokeness. We have these longings in our hearts and souls that only God can fill but we don’t try honestly to have God fill them or we don’t accept what He has to offer. We often have to learn about ourselves and what God has to say to us in our situation. We may have to reprogram our thinking that others must accept us or that others make us who we are, and instead we need to learn that God is the one and only person who can give meaning to our lives.

So where am I? Hows this apply to me you may ask…… Well lets see…….
1st. I have to learn to find my true satisfaction and feelings of worth from God.
2nd. I have to seek God to reveal to me HIS calling on my life. I am finishing my semester at Seminary and taking some time off to make sure God is calling me to puruse my Masters. And well if He isn’t I know that he will be faithful to show me the way He wants me to go.
3rd. Healing the brokenness in my life as a result of my sin and the relationships that have been affected by it.
4th. Becoming more and more like a butterfly. I know I am currently in a catepillar stage and God is working on me. I can’t wait to see the butterfly that He turns me into….. I just have to be patient and faithful….. I can’t jump out of the cacoon because if I do i jeporadize all that God is doing.

So long and short of it…. I think we all have a longing deep within us….. and well I believe that is a longing to feel completely close to God, love by God, and have our needs met by God……..

Seek God, Be still and know that He is God………. and Be blessed by those God places around you as instruments of His love and healing.

as a piece of clay on the wheel in God’s Studio:


One response to “Searching for……….

  • David Korff

    Good comments today. one thing on the butterfly analogy, God’s forming and shaping in the cacoon is a lifelong process which I believe he slowly reveals piece by piece the butterfly within. With the full realization coming at the end of the journey and our entrance into the presence of the almighty!

    Keep moving forward

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