What are you hungery for?

Ok so this might sound like a wierd and straight forward question, instead it is one much more complex and deeper than it appears. I was talking with a friend recently about things that are going on in life and he asked me to think about the question “What are you hungery for?” Its one he had been asked when he was going through some struggles of his own.

On the surface it appears to be just a question of what does our stomache physically crave. Instead its not a question of us wanting hamburgers or fries or a favorite desert. Its something much deeper.

When asked this question, it means something more deeper. Something along the lines of my last post about the book Searching for God Knows What. The thing we crave may or not be a result of the sin or struggles in our life. But honestly what do you hunger for, what do I hunger for? Sometimes the question comes with any easy answer which we can easliy deal with. Other times it takes a while to answer it and even longer to understand how to live in light of our answer.

Sometimes our “hunger” and desire are directed in the wrong ways. We need to reprogam our thinking and understanding. We need to aline ourselves with the image and desires that God has for us.

So today think about this………… What do you really hunger for? Is your hunger in line with the desires and plan that God has for you……..

Striving to be the man God desires me to be…..


One response to “What are you hungery for?

  • David Korff

    I appreciate you comments today. This is the kind of self-examination that we all should face on a regular basis.

    “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,for they will be filled. ” Matthew 5:6

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