The Little Things

Ok, so heres what i’m thinking. Why do i get so darn frustrated with myself and others about the little things? Am I just so picky and annoyed, or what is it?

Well I think I’m starting to see that the little things are the things that often matter the most. The little things that almost take no thought can mean a world of difference to someone. When you aks someone why they love their significant other they are more likely to say something about a “little thing”. They might say the notes he leaves for me, when he brusshes my hair, when she takes care of the kids when i walk in the door so I can breathe, so the little emails that she sends during the day…….. To each of us there are little things that when done by others mean the world to us. Its hard to remeber that but we need to focus ont he little things and not grip and argue and get frustrated, but instead out of love we need to serve others and be there not just in the big things but also in the little things……. When we break a friends trust it may take time to rebuild it…… it might take just the little things, and lots of them to show that we are trustworthy.

So today….. don’t forget the little things. What is little to you may mean everything to smoeone else who is recieving!

— tfkr


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