Anger, Hurt, Confusion, and Relationship in the Body

Ok so this is somethign that I still don’t have an answer for. If a friend wrongs you and you forgive them for what they say, how do you get over the anger, hurt, confusion…… and where do you go.

I don’t know where to go. After being hurt by a friend and some words that have gone back and forth, I don’t know how to look at the person’s actions towards me……. I have done as they asked and kep the distance between us and not approached them. However recently they approached me and I had no idea what to, what to say, how to react. Their comments in the recent past really hurt me and questioned why I was vulnerable to them, why I had seeked their friendship, and it is causing me to question alot how as a Christian I am to heal from this hurt, express God’s love, and allow God to move and restore the friendship (if its possible, and if so to what extent can it ever go?).

So What do I do? Yeah I’m the one who caused the initial crack that allowed this rift and conflict to start. I’m working on the things in my life that were the pieces that caused the issues. I want this friend to be able to show me the love of Christ and allow us to deal with what happened, but I also in my heart find it hard to love this person as Christ loves me. I find it hard to accept this person back because of the hurtful and damaging comments. As I have learned lately in other relationships we aren’t supposed to keep score, well at least not in marriage. But I find that I need to learn to apply this principal to other relationships as well. But how do I know when and how to start accepting this friendship again. How do I address the fact that I was so deeply hurt. I don’t know how to allow this friend back into my life even as an aquinatnce. Not that I have gone out of my way to aovid them, but I have made little choices to do my best to not have to be near them. I don’t like finding myself volunteering at church and seeing the person form afar and when they look my way wanting to duck.

My quesiton is what happened to Biblicial principles like:
Galatians 6:1 “Brothers, if someone is caught in a sin, you who are spiritaul should restore him gently….”
II Timothy 3:16-17 ” All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.”

We have forgotten to help our brothers and sisters in their struggles, we aren’t using the Word and relying on God’s wisdom. I know that I wasn’t the best person in my situations and that I was severly in the wrong. But why are we so quick to release the one in sin, when we ourselves haven’t been doing our part to challenge, support, and lovingly confront the sinner……

I don’t know when I will understand how to redeem and allow this friendship to continue on and allow the issue to heal…….

I’m waiting for God’s hand and direction…..



One response to “Anger, Hurt, Confusion, and Relationship in the Body

  • -JNR-

    great thoughts and insight. Sometimes God puts us in our most uncomfortable places in order for us to grow in him, keep continue to search His will, you may never find the answer, but one day you will find Peace with God, even in not knowing.

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