The Battle (Storm) Rages On

Its been really interesting recently, well I am not sure interesting is the right word, but oh well. I/We have been realizing that as we have been dealing with the temptations/struggles in life that Satan had been using to pull us down, he is starting to find new areas to use to try to keep us from growing closer to God and each other.

Its both frustrating and encouraging to know that the devil is trying to find ways to keep us from growing. I’m not into pain, struggles and stuff, but to know spiritually that we are doing something that pisses off God’s/Our enemy is a good thing. If we weren’t walking and growing closer to God the devil wouldn’t even bother to waste his time with us. But as Children of the Light, the stronger and brighter out light gets the more of a threat we are to Satan, so he feels the need to try to make our light burn out, stop shinning and to disgrace God’s workmanship in us.

So what is there to learn from this? Well I know that in the church we often don’t talk much about the reality of spiritual warfare, the battle of light and darkness. We as light need to seek to know God more and more so that we shine brighter and brighter and upset the Devil. The more he trys to “take us down” the harder we need to fight. We have God on our side, don’t let the devil drag you down, its hard to fight him, but know that our God is much stronger and is faithful. Hang on in the times of battle as they prepare you for the future, and make you stronger and wiser….


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