Secrets in Community

I have been thinking back to Christmas and other times in my life where you have to keep a good secret from someone you love or even a ton of people. Be it the present you bought them, an anouncement of a new job, a move, an engagement or whatever.

I have found myself in this positions numerous times. From when I asked my Wife to marry me (Kept the ring a secret for like a month), to a Christmas present that I had to keep secret for 2 months, to just those things that you are so excited to tell others but can’t until the time is just right.

Why is it so hard for us to keep secrets?

Well my thoughts aren’t too profund I think so reasons come back to the fact that we are living in community with others and they are so involved in our lives that we can’t keep things from them. Other times its hard becuase it such exciting news like an impending new job, a move, a house purchase. Other times its hard to keep a secret as we don’t know the full extent of the situation and can’t divulge any of the information.

There are other secrets that we hold, those of our sins, activities we are ashamed of. Those it is quite obvious why we try to keep it a secret. We don’t want to admit failure. We are afraid of the possible outcomes and often don’t have faith in those around us.

Its hard to keep a secret no matter what type it is. There are some that I believe are honestly no harm at all. but those of the dark side are ones that need to be released in order for any good to result.
To sum it up: Keep the exciting and pure secrets till they must errupt at their due time in history and make sure to rid yourself of any dark secrets!

2 responses to “Secrets in Community

  • Remington

    Thanks for the distinction between good and bad secrets. I’ve always wondered about the difference there, but never been able to describe it.

    We should definitely hangout. Take care in your busy week, and we’ll chat when you have some time.

  • Luke and Lacey Rumley

    “Erupt at their due time” definitely sounds like it’s referring to a pregnancy. CONGRATS!


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