Question Mark? Where am I going?

Well My big question these days is where is God leading me……
What is my purpose here on Earth? What type of ministry, career, calling does He have for me….?
Questions, questions, questions…….

Where are the answers? Where is the bright light illuminating my path? Where is that telegram from God?

I know that I am not going to just have things drop into my lap. I know that I need to pray. Have others pray, and well trust God to lead me….

I have one more year of Seminary and then I don’t know whats next. I have a job that pays but not sure it is where I am meant to spend the rest of my life.

I’m not sure if I’m called right now to full time ministry, part time, volunteer, or what. With a child on the way its scary to look and all. I just pray that God will lead me to the right place and that the opportunity He wants me to puruse that He will show it to me.

Here I am load, your clay, mold me, form me, lead me and guide me in your way!


One response to “Question Mark? Where am I going?

  • Remo

    Hey brother,
    I can understand your concerns, especially recently as I’ve been thinking in longer time spans. Like, “maybe I’ll work here for 5 years, that’s enough time to pay off my loans and see my 8th grade small group through their senior year.” The thought of getting stuck somewhere without being able to change truly scares me. I hate, and fear, not being in control.

    Today in chapel hymnsing, as we sang all the verses of “My Jesus, I love Thee” and then “And can it be”, God’s Spirit encouraged me. He reminded me that I can trust Him so much, that He is so strong and so loving, that I can face even the scariest moments as long as I hold on to Him. He will never leave you, never forsake you.

    Pause. Breathe. Find comfort in trusting the Strong Tower, the Rock, the Refuge.

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