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Heard an awesome sermon on Sunday.  Brady Neemers who is our church’s youth pastor started up a 3 week series called Shine.  This last Sunday he spoke on the story of Moses.  He brought up the issue that things seemed to be just going along for Moses but his life was not in tension.  During the times of laying low it did not appear that his passions were being stirred or that he was moving for God. However things were different when he was called into tension and the middle of things.  Moses tried to find excuses as to why he could not do what God was calling him to, but in the end Moses moved into the tension. 
I’m at a point right now where I am between passions, in a job that is ok for now but not what I want to do, and well finishing up a degree that I’m not sure I’m called to use in full time ministry.  I’m at a spot where I am not sure what passions God is calling me to puruse or what ways He wants to use me to minster.  So I’m at a point where I am frustrated and stalled.  I’m not living in the tension.  I have for the time being put my big passion to be in full time ministry on hold, but have not yet found what the passion for the coming days/years is to be.  I’m waiting to know what God wants me to do and what doors will open.  I have ideas from non-profits to business startups.  But in the end I’m not sure yet where God is calling me.  I want to move into the tension, but Guess I must be patient.
-How can God use me where I am at now, and How is He using me?
-What does God want to be marks of my life?  
-How can I find and move into that “tension”?
Pondering and wondering anew…..

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