What we need, What I need

“What a man needs is a brother to draw close, minister to him, and help him mature. He needs somebody to demonstrate to him another way to live, modeling a godly marriage, biblical parenthood, and the love of Christ.”
Steve Sonderman, Effective Men’s Ministry-
We all have things in our lives that aren’t perfect. We are all impacted by the things in our past. These things are the things that make us who we are. Though at times they may be shameful or things that we don’t want everyone else to know. We need that one person in our life who knows us and can speak truth into our lives. Who can ask us the hard questions, Who can encourage us, and build us up to be the Men that God created us to be.
Its hard to find quality people who we can trust to speak into our lives and accept our brokeness. Some people have more brokeness than others, but most importantly we are all children of God. If you have people around you that you know need to have truth spoken to them in love, please step up to the plate. If you need someone to speak truth to you Pray, and seek out a Godly person near you.
It is important that we seek to grow as the men God has called us to be. We need to understand the love of Christ in our lives and through our friendship. God does speak to us through those around us and for people who have self esteem issues or struggles that seem hopeless it is important that they experience Christ through those around them.

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