Spiritual Warfare, Brokeness, Fasting……

Lately I have been thinking alot about these issues. I’ve been reminded of good books I’ve read and ones that I have yet to read. I have heard sermons on these issues and taht impact them. And well I’ve seen the need in and around me…

Spiritual warfare is something that the churches that I was raised in ran from and really did not talk about. So for my adult life I have been made more aware of the reality of it and the role that it plays in our lives and spiritual development. Much of the sins and struggles that we face are linked to where we are at spiritually and also the spiritual war around us. Many people in the church struggle with additctions, bad habits, attitudes, and other issues which are honestly affected by the battle around us. As the church we need to be aware and learn how to fit these strongholds and bondages that people face. We need to be willing to fight the fight in God’s power and seek victory.

One key area that I believe the devil works in the lives of Christians is in the area of secrecy. Be it about an addiction, alcoholism, or what not, the devil wants us to believe that we are the only ones that struggle and that no one will understand. That is not true! I was reminded about this secrecy in a sermon from LifeChurch.tv on Accountability. They talked about how most Christians hold back that last 10% of themselves from truthful honesty in accountability. This is that secrecy that needs to be broken so that we can allow God and others to work in our lives and help us to live our lives to the full potential and calling of God!

This ties into brokeness and realizing that we are not perfect and are always in need of God’s love, help and grace. Those around us can also minister to us. We need to get out of the idea that we have to put on this perfect appearance to everyone. We need to learn how to be broken before God and how to allow him and others to see us as we are and work in God’s grace and mercy.

Finally fasting is an issue that since last fall I’ve been more and more aware of. It is not necessarily something that I regularly practice, but is something that I hope to be able to incorporate more into my live. Fasting can help us to focus on who were are in Christ, our struggles, pray for others, deal with and battle spiritual warfare. Fasting is not about what others think or see, it is about our relationship with God and seeking his face in our hunger.

We need to hunger for God and God alone!!!!!

Be challenged, more to come and hopefully on a more regular basis.


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