New Start

Well alot has been going on lately.  I just finished seminary in the last weeks and people keep asking me what am I doing next……  My honest and truthful answer.  As of right now…… What I’m doing right now……  I have no current plans to change anything.  While I have now obtained my Masters of Art in Religion with a Church Ministries emphasis, I have no current plans to pursue full time ministry. As many places are requiring more experience than I currently have I plan to try to find opportunities to expand my experience. We are currently happy where we are and want to stay here so that also greatly limits what the possibilities are.  

I do have some immediate plans and desires.  Most of these come out of my experiences of being a full time student, and also as a result of my current mens group.
1.  A more consistent and devoted time to my Lord.
2. More loving husband and father.
3.  More time reading books that of interest to me and my growth. 
4.  Blogging more.
Thats just a start but I believe that God has allowed me to finish my education and get more experience in life before stepping out to serve Him in full time ministry. 

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