Google Chrome CR48 Beta Notebook

So I signed up out of a whim for the CR48 Pilot program. Never expected to be chosen.

I came home  yesterday evening from work and saw a brown box between the house and my recycling bin.  Didn’t have a senders name so didn’t dare open it out of fear it might have been a Christmas present that my wife ordered and mistakenly had my name on it.   So I waited till she came home, she looked at the box and said open it as she had no clue what it was.

I opened it.  She wishes she had a video camera to catch my expression.  I was SO excited to have gotten one to use as part of the pilot program.  Truly a child on Christmas day.  Didn’t have a ton of time to play with it till after a party that night.

I have spent hours playing with and getting a feel for the Chrome OS and what this little notebook has to offer.

Here are some of my thoughts:

1.  Who would be the ideal user?

-Person who only does web based (ie. email, blogging, Facebook and the like)
-Person who needs a light weight computer that they can use for Email, Calendar, and basic web access while on the road at hot spots.
-Person willing to do 100% cloud computing.

2.  Great features?

-Appearance.  Love the feel and look of the non-logo design.  Think it allows for one to be creative and add stickers and such to make their system reflect themselves.
-Weight:  Very  light it is.
-Keyboard:  Great feel and size, but could be a bit better if it wasn’t so custom.  I know the customizations will grow on the user as they use it, but still keep it the same.
-Screen:  Display is good for a lower end notebook.
-Sound:  Built in speakers are surprisingly nice in sound.
-Touchpad:  Takes some getting used to but once you get used to how Chrome OS works its not that bad.

3. Initial Thoughts- The Good:

-Love the size and its quick speed.  Log in and transition from on to off, and from sleep to awake are amazing.
-Most standard websites work well.
-Great integration with Google applications and systems.
-Wide variety of applications, themes and extensions.
-Good 3g and WiFi connections.

4.  Initial Thoughts- The Bad/Needs Improvement:

-Needs a way to organize applications in a way that pleases the user, not just bad on when the application was downloaded.
-Needs more offline applications for editing documents, taking notes, basically things that make it useable when not at a hotspot or willing to pay the high rates charged by Verizon for 3g.
-Needs Cloud printing for the MacOS crowd.
-Need to allow user to easily change their “login” picture.

As I have more time to use it I will make sure to update my thoughts in future posts and thoughts on the system.

So far I’m an adopter, willing to give it a try.  Even as I think of some freelance work I might want to do, as long as it isn’t heavy graphic work, or a production project that requires specialized programs I think I can find a way to pretty much do most things I will need.

If your willing to sacrafice, use more web computing and find alternate ways to do what you do, this is the way to go.  If you require full programs, ability to work 100% offline then this is not for you.

Excited to see how things develop through out the course of this program and into its release to the general public.


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