Book Review: Soulprint

Soulprint: Discovering Your Divine Destiny
Mark Batterson

Soul Print was an outstanding and meaningful read.  Mark’s writing style is one that it makes the book easy to pick up any time and any place and continue reading. A well written edition that provides the reader with alot to think about and consider without hitting them over the head with a cement block.

Mark helps the reader to realize that there is something that they were created for, their Soul Print.  Each person has a unique Soul Print which they and only they can live out.   He points out that we might be aiming for the right thing but in the wrong way or with the wrong focus.  We are meant to live out our Soul Print for the glory of the one who made us each unique and to live out that specific Soul Print.

I was greatly challenged when he pointed out that sometimes we have to give up our ideal or dream so that God can  bring it back to life in a more glorified form.  Throughout the book Mark looks to the story of David and his life in order to show the things that are necessary in our own lives for us to be able to trust God and live our what we are meant to be, our Soul Print.

Never in the book does he claim to have answer for you or me about what our Soul Print is but continually causes the reader to think about themselves, their passions and what their own soul print might be.

This is a book I will both recommend to others, but also that I will read again.

Note to my Audience:  I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.



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