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Prayer and Conferssion

Today’s thoughts come in tandem with my last post.  I think that we often just think of confessing our sins to God, which is an absolute must.  However when there are certain issues (don’t have a list of them) that is affecting ones walk with God, Spouse, Family, Others there is some freedom, support and healing that can happen when we share the confession of that sin with others.  Take a look at this passage:

James 5:16 (New International Version)

16Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.

 We forget often that we are a community of brothers and sisters and that we are called to pray for each other, to support and walk alongside.  When we speak of our sin and brokeness with other believers and allow them into our brokeness we are battling the devils grip and hold on is.  Things that are kept secret the devil attacks even harder and tries to bring us down.

This last semester in our couples group I have witnessed not only the power of prayer (its healing and encouraging affects) but also confession of sin, struggles, and strongholds.  I’ve been reminded so much about how we need to remeber to not just listen but to step and pray for the working of God in others lives.

Seek to be and live in community where prayer, conferssion, and accountability can grow. Give God the glory.


Prayer and Fasting

Ok, call me a nerd, geek or what have you. I finished my last class a week early so that I could be ready for the baby to arrive. And in the two weeks before my next class starts I decided to start reading the texts for the class so I would be a bit ahead come the start of class.

I finished one of the books which is by Elmer Towns, its a book on praying the Lord’s Prayer. It was a good wake up call and reminder. I pray but not as regularly as I should. the book caused me to really think about how I pray and in what way I pray. It helped me to see that I need to see prayer as a worship service and opportunity to grow closer to God. I need to stop seeing it as a time to just ask for things but to express my thankfulness.
I also today just started the other book which is on fasting, again it is by Elmer Towns. I’m excited to read more on fasting as it is not something that I was ever really raised around. I look forward to learning more and hopefully applying it to my life.
Oh well, back to reading, relaxation……