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Book Review: Open

Open: What Happens When You Get Real, Get Honest, and Get Open 3DAccountable By Craig Gross

Published by Thomas Nelson
July 2013

ISBN: 978-1-4002-0530-1

Craig Gross is best known for the creation of and x3Wtach accountability software.  He is a Author, Speaker and Pastor.  He has a total of 9 books that he has authored.

I took the time to read and re-read this book before writing my review.  The issue of accountability is one that I’m passionate about and I can say that this book is one of the best that I have read on the subject.

Craig starts out by first and foremost addressing the reasons why someone needs accountability.  One of the issues that alot of people face is that they compartmentalize their lives and as a result live parts of their life in secretes.  Craig says “when you start doing things in secret, you can start doing them to excess, and they can spiral out of control.  That’s when you have a problem.” (XIX)   With the common trend of more and more technology that allow us to “connect” electronically with people we are as a result honestly connecting less and less.  He says “We are connected to more poeple than ever before, able to give and receive instantaneous updates on the minutiae of our lives … yet we remain curiously unsatisfied and isolated.” (xx) This pseudo connection is what needs to be addressed in accountability. As Craig puts it “in the long run, that is what accountability is really  about.  Its about living a richer, more fulfilled, more satisfying life.” (xxi).

Craig’s first section addresses the why’s of accountability including real life examples from people like you and me to government employees and issues that have been in the news. He then moves from the whys to what it requires and hits on some of the key ingredients of accountability such as Honesty, Courage, and the need for Help.

He goes into details on ideas of ways to get into accountability and what it requires.  There are so many details and ideas that I could fill many blog posts on, but for now I encourage you to get the book, read it, and personally apply it to your life if your not already in an accountability relationship.  If you are in an accountability relationship the book will provide you with ideas on how to go deeper and grow further as a result. I personally am going to apply what I’ve learned.  This book will be a great reference book in my collection.

To Get Your Own copy go to the following or another book retailer you choose and crack it open:


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Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for writing an honest review. I did not receive any other compensation.

But I did like the book so much that I went out and bought a hard copy to have on my shelf.


I have been blessed to be able to find and explore these awesome ministries above. Being a seminary student and having an education in psychology helps me see the need for these minstries. I at one point in college started a ministry sorta like xxxchurch, but nothing near to what they are today!
I believe that the church often fails in being real about the “trash” that is in the church. As xxxchurch will often say, we avoid the elephant in the room and talk about anything but it.
It is absurd that we the body of Christ is so unwilling to talk about the real facts of life. The struggles that affect us all, and most importantly affect our realtionship with God.
It is important that we as the body are willing to be honest, and in the end are people that others can talk to about who they truly are.
Here are some important things that we as followers of Christ need to remeber about ourselves and others.
1. We are God’s creation.
2. We are all affected by the sin in the world, some of us will struggle with different things than others, but ultimately sin is sin.
3. We are called by God to love each other. Loving someone does not mean that we “approve” of their behavior or actions. But that we ultimately show them God’s love!
4. We all have a God shaped hole in us. Some of us are seeking God to fill that hole, others are struggling to an in turn are filling it with addictions, bad relationships, or other forms of sin.
5. Us being open about who we are is painful, humbling, and hard. Ultimately we will grow from it and will become better people. (*** disclaimer *** it is important to be wife in who you reveal things of a sensitive nature, make sure that the person is someone trustworthy and able to handle what you reveal, if you need please find a counselor to talk to!).
So what am I advocating? I’m first of all advocating the Body of Christ learning to truly help and heal the broken. We often forget how much our words of encouragement and hope can be healing. We need to listen and to help those in need around us.
I’m advocating for the church to be real. Stop hiding things in the closet and be honest. Don’t live behind the shadow of “I’m perfect and have no problems”. GET REAL! I know that each of us has problems, they may not be the “same level” on our human scale of badness, but sin is sin, vice is vice. Lets work on ourselves and help each other to be the people God has called us to be.
I’m excited for the Ministry of Heart Support, XXX Church, and for the tool that X3 Watch is! May God continue to bless their minitriest.
I some day hope to find time or a way to get involved in on of these ministries on a regular basis. I ask that God might use me to make a difference!
God open the doors for us and show us YOUR will, YOUR way, and YOUR timing.